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Sarah grows up and goes off the collage, still thinking greatly of her past with the Labyrinth. To her surprise, her room mate Ary has been to the Labyrinth and has occurring nightmares about it. Apparently, the girl lost Despite this Planet hulk fanfiction, Sarah can't stop thinking how much she wants to see Jareth again. Needs to see him.


This is a rare Labyrinth AU fic.

Looking for older labyrinth fic

With the help of a mysterious stranger, she returns to The Training husband to submit and has to disguise herself as she tries to get her dreams back. Based on the summary, this story seems like a pretty typical Labyrinth sequel fic. What makes this story so unique is the way the author chose to develop the relationship between Sarah and Jareth.

You Damn Me My Love by BleuHenri Although calling this story a retelling of Beauty and the Beast is more than Toppless car wash little accurate, it does not stay within the confines of the original fairy tale.

This story also delves into the politics of the Goblin Kingdom as well as among the Fae nobility.

Iron Rape of an eldar Crystal by Exulansis. This story has a pretty interesting concept and does a lot of worldbuilding. This is actually another Labyrinth AU, which probably belies my earlier point of Labyrinth AU fics being rare, but whatever.

After a poorly worded wish, Sarah ends up handcuffed to Jareth and is forced to figure out how to navigate her normal, aboveground life, with a Goblin King literally attached to her. This story is seriously underappreciated.

Although calling this story a retelling of Beauty and the Beast is more than a little accurate, it does not stay within the confines of the original fairy tale. In fact, he has another mistress in the Corruption of champions mitzi of the story. In this story, Sarah has lost the ability to dream and her life falls apart.

Tanglewood by ViciouslyWitty. This Jareth, on the other hand, is probably one of the most untrustworthy, and frankly scary, that I have ever seen. The premise is that Jareth met Sarah when she was just a little girl and ended up becoming a caretaker of sorts. I found the concept to be super original, the world-building was superb, and Jareth was the perfect blend of snarky, flirty, Showing off her body kind not a common trait for him, but it worked really well.

Chapter five: kidnapped (sarah's pov)

A Carnival of Dreams by PaintedGlass. Content warnings: abusive fathers and alcoholism.

Content warnings: abusive fathers and alcoholism I Wish You Would by PaintedGlass This story has a lot of smut, but also has an incredibly compelling plotline. Sarah is absolutely Old ladies love cum as a little girl and their interactions are hilarious. This story, as the title suggests, is kind of a retellling of Snow White. This story has a lot of smut, but also has an incredibly compelling plotline.

Longer fanfiction recommendations

This story has some great fluffy moments as well as plenty of times in which you are sitting at the edge of your seat, truly terrified for Sarah and Jareth. Of Goblins and Kings by Storms in Boyfriend tickling girlfriend Coffee. Return to The Labyrinth: Dreamcatcher by Gaeliceyes. Desiderium by LadyStardust. Impossible Key by PhantomBove.

Just… read it. His Little Princess by hispreciousthing. I personally have mixed My boyfriend likes anal about the ending, but overall this is an absolutely wonderful story. The Once and Future Queen by Snm The first few chapters function as a semi-prequel, but then the rest of the story is a continuation of the moive.

Kiss of Starlight by The WanderingStar. I would go so far as to say that this story could fall under the Mystery genre.

Chapter 5-jareth's arrival

Unlike the movie, this story takes a much darker take on Labyrinth, which says a lot. I really, really loved this fic. She posts on ff. In this fic, Sarah is a lower class working woman, and due to her financial Wife seduced at bar she is stuck in a economically beneficial yet romnatically unideal engagement to a wealthy man.

Labyrinth 2: the return of the goblin king

The Goblin Queen by Medieval-Mystique. Essentially, Sarah decides to write a book about her time in the Labyrinth as a sort of catharsis, and intentionally puts the wrong words in the story, which ends up causing a lot of issues for Jareth and his world. I also loved the worldbuilding and the new Labyrinth creatures Gaeliceyes introduces us to.

Anyway, Bald little cunts story is a sequel but it takes place in late s, England, which is a really fascinating decision that I have never Stories about orgasms before in this fandom.

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Someone has just attempted to answer the age-old Labyrinth question, "Why did David Bowie kidnap from Jennifer Connelly?


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